The 3 Speed 2006 platform

Over a decade passed before Tamiya revisited their iconic 3 Speed series in 2006. This new generation is a modern re-interpretation of their previous masterpiece, but it was not a re-release as the original Bruiser and Mountaineer will prove in 2012.


58372 Ford F350 High-Lift (2006)

Tamiya 58372 Ford F350 High-Lift

58397 Toyota Hilux High Lift (2007)

Tamiya 	58397 Toyota Hilux High Lift

58415 Toyota Tundra Highlift (2008)

Tamiya 58415 Toyota Tundra Highlift

The chassis

Tamiya 58472 Ford F350 High-Lift Chassis


Tamiya 58472 Ford F350 High-Lift Chassis

The suspension

Tamiya 58472 Ford F350 High-Lift Suspension

The differential

Tamiya 58472 Ford F350 High-Lift Differential

The gearbox

Tamiya 58472 Ford F350 High-Lift Gearbox


Just like the first platform, the new models were models in motion with very realistic mechanics. Their handling abilities were pretty limited too because the mechanical scale-realism prevailed over any other consideration, in particular over the efficiency of leaf-spring suspension. Once again, Tamiya made the demonstration of their know-how and their attachment to pure and uncompromising realism. Of course, the demonstration had less impact than it had in 1981 due to technological improvements in production processes, but still, commercially, it was a gamble.


Promotional video of the models (© Tamiya)

3 speed transmission (© Tamiya / Watch the complete video)


Like the original models, this new generation was much appreciated by people who love realistic precision mechanics and uncompromising realism. However, Tamiya developed a complete series of RC trucks in the meantime, and these models are also widely considered for their realism: in fact, the new 3 Speed 2006 transmission was borrowed from the RC Trucks and slightly modified. Overall, this new 3 Speed transmission is also much appreciated by the RC Truck fans and it represents a “link” Tamiya did between two successful series of their RC line-up.


56301 Tractor Truck King Hauler (1993)

Tamiya 56301 Tractor Truck King Hauler

The chassis

Tamiya 56301 Tractor Truck King Hauler Chassis

Promotional videos (© Tamiya)



In fact, the 3 speed transmission used in the Truck series since 1993 was a modernized version deriving from the original 3 Speed of the eighties. The Truck series is unanimously considered in the RC world as one of the most realistic in every aspect, Tamiya's trucks architecture being a true replica of the real-size trucks driving on roads around the world. In some sort of payback, the Truck series passed their 3 Speed transmission that was slightly altered to take place in the off-road models presented here.


Conclusion on the 3 Speed 2006 platform

This modernized version of the iconic series of the early eighties had to be considered as a modern evolution that kept the basics established by the original version, that is an uncompromising realism from the bodyshells to the chassis architecture and the mechanics. The exact definition of “model in motion” in every aspect. Just like the models of the eighties, the F350, Hilux and Thundra were not Tamiya big sellers at the time: however, they carry on with Tamiya's beloved tradition of realism in every detail. Strategically, they link two separate and important RC line-ups, a manner for Tamiya to develop loyalty among their clients over different ranges of products.