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Navigating this website is free and will remain free. The copyright mention you see on every page footer is there to protect my work, not to oblige you to anything. However, I do restrict the use of all or part of this website content:

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This website is aimed at sharing my passion for the hobby with you: I don’t work for a model store or a distributor and I’m not affiliated in any way with Tamiya or any of their subsidiaries.

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Avatar Black Hole Sun

  Black Hole Sun


My alias in on-line games at the begining of the 90’s. Well actually, that was on the first on-line game (namely DOOM!!), and by the time, it already had to be shortened as BHS laughing

The origin of this alias is obviously after the world famous Soundgarden song. To me, it also means my fascination for the black hole and everything space-related.

Further on, I kept this alias on forums (among which Hardware.fr and Vintage-RC). As for the avatar, it is the 1993 Coverdale/Page album cover, from Dave Coverdale (Deep Purple) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin).