Philosophy and acknowledgement


Philosophie du site

  Site philosophy


This website is aimed at sharing my passion for the hobby with you: I don’t work for a model store or a distributor and I’m not affiliated in any way with Tamiya or any of their subsidiaries.

This website simply exists because I like to share my passion. My motto is to make this website a useful ressource for you, to make it help you, may be find inspiration and dream.

I believe no one should ever pay to get access to information: my website will forever remain freely available for everyone, at least as long as I can dedicate time and money for it.





This site contains a lot of photos both to present the models and to illustrate the articles to make them as complete as possible, but also to make you dream.

This is why I want to thank all Tamiya fans around the world for publishing photos of their models.

Very special thanks go to the Vintage-RC forum members who often send me photos of their models:
Boo54, calimerosf501, Carribou87, Chris_86, Civicman, Cooperal, Densolaga, Dourak91, Duc@t, F2G78, Gorghor, Hagar, Hagar du Sud, Hairy Ogre, J-F, Julien, Kaminagayuchi, Kris, Kyosuke, Laurent58, Marcolino, Matt891, Max Rebo, Miko, Mini Romu, Mudzuki, neric, Pedestriankiller, Peyters, Poulpi, RA272, Tamiya81, Tamiyosho, Teamneogordini et Will E. Coyotte.

Lastly, I want to thank you, all of you who are more and more to come by visiting this website and to contact me.