The FAV platform

FAV means Fast Attack Vehicle, but this is neither the official name of the platform or a name given by fans: it is just the one I gave it in this article to identify it. Actually, platform is a big word since only two models use it and because it is not really new.


58046 Fast Attack Vehicle (1984)

Tamiya 5846 Fast Attack Vehicle


Tamiya 5850 Wild One



Promotional video of the Fast Attack Vehicle (© Tamiya)

Promotional video of the Wild One (© Tamiya)


This platform uses known elements: the gearbox and dogbones are borrowed form the Frog, front dampers and bumper from the Grasshopper. The chassis bathtub looks pretty much like the Grasshopper's that would have been modified to receive to battery pack transversally: nonetheless, you can't directly link the two models upon this part.

This platform was barely used by Tamiya, yet the models are iconic, especially the Wild One. The Fast Attack Vehicle is scale-realistic, the replica of a real-size vehicle used by the American Army: its role was probably to attract static military models fans to RC, like the XR311 did before. As for the Wild One, it realistically replicate a Baja 500 type buggy, including the handling: despite not being the most efficient damper solution, trailing arms work great and operate very nicely.


Conclusion on the FAV platform

Strategically, this platform is a transition in Tamiya models design: these models are the last of the “realistic” buggies, that is those replicating damper system (trailing arms) inspired by real-size vehicles. In a way, these two models end the buggies “models in motion” era.


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